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YouTube Video Marketing

5 Benefits of YouTube

Social media has become increasingly popular in the past five years, and is projected to grow over the next four. However, with sites such as Vimeo, Vine, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube it is hard for any Boston business to know exactly what social media website would be most beneficial for their video marketing strategy. Going with a normal video is useless when it comes to Boston video production, but when it comes to marketing “72% of B2B Marketers use Video Content Marketing” as their top choice, according to ReelSEO. There are many benefits when publishing on YouTube, but these are the top five reasons why it is beneficial for Boston businesses to upload directly to YouTube:

  1. Leads to traffic
  2. Can be adapted
  3. YouTube is Mobile
  4. 72% of b2b users find YouTube to be the best choice for their video platform
  5. Engage with potential customers

Leads to Traffic

YouTube can be an extremely effective platform for video marketing. It helps sells consumers without forcing the message or product in their face. Also, if a consumer likes what he or she sees, then his or her next step involves visiting the company’s website. Producing content is based around supporting a business and its website. YouTube allows a video to be seen by a large audience, which will ultimately drive interest and traffic onto the business’s website.


At Skillman Video Group, we have always made it known that the targeted audience must always be kept in mind we developing a Boston video marketing campaign. However, YouTube allows the B2B campaigns to adapt to other consumers. ReelSEO points out that “Video content is so versatile that it can be created, and adapted to suit every marketing approach.” For some B2B campaigns there may be two very different demographics and thus a video can be created to relate to both. Also as consumers evolve with technology the business and its marketing videos can do the same. Nonetheless, YouTube video marketing is continuously there to reach whoever the video is intended for.

YouTube is Mobile

With over a billion users and more than half of those viewers coming from mobile devices it is apparent that every Boston business should publish videos on YouTube. It is easy to notice how much this generation is attached to their phones, and in a recent Cisco poll it was founded that “by 2020 75% of mobile traffic will be video.” YouTube is the leading video publishing site and with statistics like that, the projections of generating consumers through mobile devises is one of YouTubes greatest benefits.

72% of b2b users find YouTube to be the best choice for their video platform

Besides YouTube being mobile, many find that YouTube is THE platform for video marketing. According to ReelSEO, only 20% of respondents used Vimeo as their video platform and 9% used Vine as B2b lead generator compared to YouTubes 72%. Video is also on the rise regarding marketing strategies from 70% in 2013 to 76% in 2015.


Again, YouTube allows businesses to reach their targeted audience and then some. However, businesses also find YouTube to be beneficial when seeking to communicate with consumers. ReelSEO states that 38% of their respondents used YouTube as a social media platform to engage with potential clients, and 48% believed YouTube was more effective than Facebook. Although Facebook and Twitter are still the leading social media sites in 2016 with Facebook at 84% and Twitter at 88%, YouTube is just a close second behind them at 72% and is projected to grow.

YouTube proves many benefits, but again a businesses marketing strategy is only as good as their content. SVG knows how to take a concept to content and will be with a business through every step of a marketing campaign.

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

In a world run by social media, it isn’t enough to just feel something anymore you must show it by pressing a button on a screen. Expression is no longer just a feeling. We gain reassurance of our work through views and “likes.” However, for businesses social media has become a platform to reach consumers. Yet, even with sites such as YouTube providing a stage to display businesses abilities, there are still videos that attract little to no attention. YouTube marketing has endless benefits but it is how a business uses their YouTube channel to gain views that separates them from the flubs.


YouTube channels that have more views than others are strategic regarding the types of videos posted. For instance, the popular YouTube channel “Smosh” has over 5.3 billion video views and 21 million subscribers to the channel. Although this channel is based around comedy skits, the elements and storyline of the videos generate views. The question is how can a business gain just as much popularity without losing sight of their message?

  • Resonate with the targeted audience
  • Create a unique story
  • Entertain without losing sight of the message
  • Know your audience
  • Know your brand and message
  • Use emotion
  • Do not stray from your attributes as a business

Entertaining an audience is important when developing a video. However, the video must stick to the business’ concepts and not stray from their story and message. Conveying emotion is a great way to attract an audience using YouTube marketing. Yet, the emotion must connect with the consumer and not just create humor, because that is what other YouTube channels are doing. A business must always keep the consumer in mind and convey an emotion through a story that will resonate with the targeted audience. Whether a small business or large, or a business selling a product or selling themselves YouTube marketing must be used properly and will only be beneficial if a business knows their brand and message.

Tumblr and Reddit

Although there are other sites such as Tumblr and Reddit that provide attention through entertaining posts and images, YouTube marketing is the most popular site when reaching an audience. Also, sites such as Tumblr and Reddit are more for entertaining purposes. This is not to say everything on YouTube is there for marketing, but YouTube channels provide a place for a consumer to learn more about a business without having to read it. Specifically brand videos are becoming more popular for consumers who are tired of reading reviews about a product and what to see exactly how it functions. More than 65% of consumers will go to YouTube to review a product before purchasing. More businesses are finding that promoting a product through YouTube marketing establishes trustworthiness between the consumer and business. Brand videos allow the consumer to see the logistics of the product and visually see themselves using it.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to drive attention onto a business but with YouTube marketing providing a platform for businesses it allows them to move outside the local realm of consumers and reach an audience beyond their borders. However, in order to generate views a business must stick to their message. By using a story and the right video style, a business will find they are just as popular as some of the most subscribed YouTube channels.

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