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Writing a Script for a Video


How to Write Script for Marketing Videos

Part of the work of a summer intern at Skillman Video Group is to create a video for YouTube that you write, direct, and edit all by yourself. Now, this can seem pretty simple, considering it’s jShooting video on a DSLR, video production companyust a five or six minute YouTube video depending on whatever topic you choose. But no, this is just simply not the case.

Creating an Idea for a Marketing Video

If you’re interested in making a YouTube video, you should choose whether or not you want it to be funny or serious. Personally, I chose to make a funny video. You could also decide to make something serious, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Lots of amazing videos and short films are serious, but I personally would rather make something fun. Something that makes everyone laugh…hopefully. You also need a concept: a topic for your video. I decided to make my video an SVG-themed parody of a popular reality tv show called “The Bachelorette”. I picked this because most people know what it is, and it’s extremely easy to make fun of. Sometimes important sacrifices have to be made when it comes to Boston video production humor.

How to Write a Script

Next, if you want your video to be the least bit successful, you will need to write a script for it. This is the hard part. You have to make sure your story makes sense whilst creating characters, jokes, and ironing out all the details. You need to be thinking about locations you can use, people who can play your characters, and what is funny and what isn’t. Writing the script for my marketing video took a while because I had to figure out which contestants could be funny yet sensible options for my parody show. However, since the show already exists, I basically just followed the layout of a typical Bachelorette episode, which made my job a little easier.

Video Concept Ideas

Coming up with a concept for a video is easier said than done. However, once you come up with one, turning that into a script is a lot more complicated. We didn’t even discuss what shooting and editing one is like! But once you have all of your details ironed out,  you will have created something you’ll be proud of for a long time. Forever, actually, since once something is on the internet it never really goes away.

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Live Shoot at New England School of Acupuncture

boston video productionOn April 4th, Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production company,was asked to shoot a presentation at the New England School of Acupuncture. The presentation was made by Robert Gracey. Mr. Gracey earned his Masters in Acupuncture from the Watertown school. The footage is to be used in helping Mr. Gracey with his video marketing. He will use it on his website and social media accounts to help build his brand. The live event took place over two hours and was shot in two parts: a lecture and a demonstration.


The lecture lasted about 40 minutes and Mr. Gracey went through his background, education and methods. It was filmed on an iPhone 7 from a seat in the front row of the class. We didn’t want to get too close to Mr. Gracey as he spoke because he planned on moving out from behind the lectern as he spoke. If we were positioned too close, the camera angles would’ve been bad and the footage would’ve suffered. After he finished speaking about his methods, it was time for a volunteer to go through a demonstration of his treatment.


When the lecture was over and a volunteer chosen, it was time for Mr. Gracey to go to work. He is only one oflive event five acupuncturists in the United States that is certified to practice the Shakuju-kai method from Japan. At first we shot from another desk up by the demonstration. As the demo went on, it was important for us to stand to gain the best footage we could as all the students gathered around the massage table to watch up close. As the treatment was coming to and end, the students retreated back to their seats and we did too to finish up the live event.


Since this was a live shoot, a few challenges were presented along the way. During the filming of the lecture, some late arriving students kept walking in front of the camera blocking some shots. Also, as the demonstration was being filmed, the students gathered around the table to watch Mr. Gracey perform. This caused for a quick rearrangement of the camera while trying to maintain a good shot. These challenges were minor but do underscore the nature of a live event. No matter what, you have to be prepared for anything.

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Video Cameras for Beginners and Experts

Thanks to sites like Vimeo and YouTube, it is now easier than ever before to push your content out to the world through video marketing. At the same time, there are so many new camera models and brands being unveiled on a monthly basis. Admittedly, it can be hard to keep up, so for both beginners and experts alike, here are some recommendations to get you started with solid equipment for video production.


For beginners, there is nothing wrong with a Boston video production company using a DSLR. A DSLR camera stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, which has to do with its digital light sensor. Their recent popularity surge in recent years is due to their accessibility, affordability, and versatility. You can use the camera to teach yourself basic photography skills like composition and lighting. DSLR offer great sensor sizes for their price range, which is why they are so popular among beginners and really even professionals. They come with interchangeable lenses for easy switching and flexibility, but if you want to save some time you can just find one with a variable lens. When you are ready, DSLR cameras can easily switch to recording videos.

Our recommendations:

Canon EOS 650D

Canon EOS 650D

Canon EOS series: The Rebel EOS series in particular is affordable and entirely capable of providing great photos and videos. These cameras are also very popular among YouTube marketing pros.

-Nikon D-series: If you’re willing to drop a bit more cash for your DSLR, than the Nikon D series (ex: D500) is a great starting point. These cameras have considerably large sensors for their compact frames, and offer incredible processing speed.


As for the expert-level camera operators, high-end equipment starts to give you more flexibility across all lighting levels. This is because more advanced cameras tend to have much larger sensors, allowing them to capture better-quality photos in low-level lighting scenarios. The larger sensors and reconfigured optical mirrors give the camera user more control over how blurry a background is and how sharply focused a subject will be. Be aware that these higher-end cameras will often come in fixed-lens packages, rather than variable lens. If you would like a camera with variable lens (allowing you to zoom), you will need to be ready to expand your budget.

Our recommendations:

CEO video

High-end camera on SVG set

-Black Magic URSA 4.6k EF digital film camera: Black magic has become one of the hottest companies in film and photo capture recently thanks to their outstanding equipment. With this awesome piece of hardware, you’ll be able to work with a superb image sensor and a global shutter, giving you lots of wiggle room to use a variety of camera lenses regardless of brand. (over 7,000)

-For a much cheaper price range (just around 2000) you can check out the Canon XC10 Camcorder. It is entirely capable of 4K video with multiple bit rates for compression, allowing users to work with high-speed playback.

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Evaluating Success in Video Marketing

What do you do when you’re trying to figure out if a video on YouTube or Facebook is popular? Your first instinct might be to check out the number of “views” that the video has received. If you’re evaluating a video’s popularity, then this is a valuable strategy. But what if you’re not evaluating popularity? What if you’re a business that’s evaluating whether or not a is actually generating new leads or selling your product? The video marketing professionals at Skillman Video Group have a few criteria that can inform your next evaluation cycle.

1) Watch Time

Watch time is the measurement of how much of a video an average user watches. In other words, are viewers hitting the back button after a few seconds, or on average completing an entire video? This matters for two reasons.

One, you’ll get a sense of whether or not your audience thinks the video is valuable and or entertaining. Higher watch times translate to more perceived value.

Two, YouTube actually considers watch time a more valuable criteria for sorting search results than the number of views. Meaning, videos with a higher watch time get sorted to the top and vice versa for videos with a shorter watch time.

2) Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to the number of viewers that follow through with the intended action of your video. So, if you’re following standard video marketing protocol and embedding a Call to Action at the end of your video, Conversion Rate is the measurement of people who actually follow through with the CTA. If you’re not embedding a CTA into your video then we, as a Boston Video Marketing Company, couldn’t recommend this strategy highly enough.

3) Social Shares

This metric considers the number of times that your video marketing campaign is reshared on social media outlets. Consumers trust the advice of their friends, especially digital friends!

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

In a world run by social media, it isn’t enough to just feel something anymore you must show it by pressing a button on a screen. Expression is no longer just a feeling. We gain reassurance of our work through views and “likes.” However, for businesses social media has become a platform to reach consumers. Yet, even with sites such as YouTube providing a stage to display businesses abilities, there are still videos that attract little to no attention. YouTube marketing has endless benefits but it is how a business uses their YouTube channel to gain views that separates them from the flubs.


YouTube channels that have more views than others are strategic regarding the types of videos posted. For instance, the popular YouTube channel “Smosh” has over 5.3 billion video views and 21 million subscribers to the channel. Although this channel is based around comedy skits, the elements and storyline of the videos generate views. The question is how can a business gain just as much popularity without losing sight of their message?

  • Resonate with the targeted audience
  • Create a unique story
  • Entertain without losing sight of the message
  • Know your audience
  • Know your brand and message
  • Use emotion
  • Do not stray from your attributes as a business

Entertaining an audience is important when developing a video. However, the video must stick to the business’ concepts and not stray from their story and message. Conveying emotion is a great way to attract an audience using YouTube marketing. Yet, the emotion must connect with the consumer and not just create humor, because that is what other YouTube channels are doing. A business must always keep the consumer in mind and convey an emotion through a story that will resonate with the targeted audience. Whether a small business or large, or a business selling a product or selling themselves YouTube marketing must be used properly and will only be beneficial if a business knows their brand and message.

Tumblr and Reddit

Although there are other sites such as Tumblr and Reddit that provide attention through entertaining posts and images, YouTube marketing is the most popular site when reaching an audience. Also, sites such as Tumblr and Reddit are more for entertaining purposes. This is not to say everything on YouTube is there for marketing, but YouTube channels provide a place for a consumer to learn more about a business without having to read it. Specifically brand videos are becoming more popular for consumers who are tired of reading reviews about a product and what to see exactly how it functions. More than 65% of consumers will go to YouTube to review a product before purchasing. More businesses are finding that promoting a product through YouTube marketing establishes trustworthiness between the consumer and business. Brand videos allow the consumer to see the logistics of the product and visually see themselves using it.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to drive attention onto a business but with YouTube marketing providing a platform for businesses it allows them to move outside the local realm of consumers and reach an audience beyond their borders. However, in order to generate views a business must stick to their message. By using a story and the right video style, a business will find they are just as popular as some of the most subscribed YouTube channels.

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