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Video vs. Film: What’s the Big Difference?

Film is a big word in the entertainment industry. The word is used as both a noun and a verb, to describe the creating motion visuals. At the start of moviemaking and photography, everything was all about film. It was the only option at one point. In today’s world, the advances in technology have allowed more than just film as an option. Although video is a big part of the industry today, it is overlooked and people still describe it as film. Film and Video are two different ways of recording visual movement. When people think of video, they most likely go straight to thinking about the big screen in the entertainment industry, film. Our Boston Video Production Company works with video, and we want to prove to your there is a difference between Video and Film. Check out some of the major differences below:


The overexposure or underexposure of light on a certain area through the camera, has to due with the Latitude of the shot. Film always had a broader exposure latitude than video. In the corner of a take that may not get enough light, film is still able to make out figures and colors, whereas with a video camera it was harder to do so. On video, the corner might have come out as completely black. This allowed people using film to play with light more, which was good for cinema. However, Video has been updating through the years and has been decreasing the gap. Video continues to enhance, allowing them to capture more light with a broad exposure latitude.


Video Production camera shotsAs defined by Google dictionary, film is; “a thin flexible strip of plastic or other material coated with light-sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera, used to produce photographs or motion pictures.” Each second of screen time is equivalent to 24 frames of film, and with the rate of $2 per 24 frames, the cost of your shoot will be very expensive. The digital side of Video Production Services, where we stand with Video, is much more affordable. Digital makes it easier and faster to create and upload shots of moving visuals. The roll of film needs to be developed chemically which makes it more expensive. The advances in technology that allow you to use a digital chip makes it easy to upload the takes, instead of needing to develop.


The color depth includes brightness, shades, and more. Before Video became more advanced due to technology, Film had a better depth of color. Due to the better exposure to light, the color came across more clear than video. The possible colors were a larger selection on film than video, but now video has the ability to capture many more colors than it could before. The light exposure is much better, allowing for more colors to been seen and recorded. The human eye sees the most color, which is why sometime when you have seen something on video or film it might come across different than in real life.

Technology has done a lot for Video throughout the years. Today almost everything is recorded on video, but everyone still uses the “film” term to describe it. Film is actually outdated; with the digital world sweeping the industry, video is the big thing. It is actually incorrect to say that you are being “filmed”, with the cameras all being digital you are being recorded on Video not Film. As a Video Marketing Company, our work wouldn’t be what it is today without the advancements in Video. We love to see how it has changed throughout the years and become the top of the industry.

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Tips for a Video Marketing Shoot

boston production companyFor a video marketing company, it is important that the videos you shoot are effective at conveying your message. The first step towards having an effective video is having a successful shoot. As a leading Boston production company, Skillman Video Group can provide you with some tips to make the most out of your video shoot.

Plan Ahead

Preparation is key. Knowing what you want to shoot, where you want to shoot, and the style of the video are important aspects to your video shoot. What kind of video do you want? Draft a storyboard so you have an idea of what the video should look like when it is all done.  If you are shooting outdoors, scout the location beforehand. Take note of anything that may hinder your shoot so you aren’t surprised the day of and have to readjust on the fly. Bring backup equipment in the event something breaks. You can never have enough batteries. Having enough equipment on hand provides insurance if something goes wrong. Also, have a clear goal in mind. If your Boston video production is to be successful, you have to know what you want your audience to take away from it.

Stick to Schedule

Time is of the essence so try not to waste any during your shoot. Try to give yourself as much time as possible for the shoot but with the understanding that the unexpected can happen so you may end up being pressed. It is important to have a production schedule available to work off. It will provide you with the “whos, whats, wheres, whens and hows” of the shoot. Staying on schedule will go a long way to ensuring a successful shoot.

Get Good Value

Your video marketing company may have the best plans laid out for the shoot, but if the quality of the video is not any good, it will be hard making the video a success. Be sure to check your cameras white balance so that it captures the true colors of the shot, and is not affected by the light. Use a tripod when possible so that you have a steady shot. Also use any filters necessary for lighting as natural sunlight can cause a negative affect to your footage.

Let it B-Roll

Before going into any shoot, your Boston production company should know what kind of B-video marketing companyroll footage you will need. B-roll is any video that is shown during your production that is not of the primary subject. For example, while your subject talks about their product or services, B-Roll is the footage that is shown of people using the companys’ product or services. It could be used to show your office or town that your company is in. Planning out your B-roll will help prevent you from needing footage you do not have. Also, you can never have enough B-roll so shoot as much as you can.

When it comes time to shoot for a video marketing company, there are many factors that go into making it a success. These tips are just a few that will help you get there.

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Summer Intern Video “Dos Equis”


While being the summer intern at SVG, I learned some interesting new skills that improved my overall knowledge about video production. One of the tasks of being an intern at Skillman Video Group is that at the end of your terms, the intern must create a marketing film that will be used to promote the Boston video company. I was tasked with working on one of the videos this summer, which we decided would be a parody to the famous Dos Equis commercials. After planning and writing the script for this future production made by the summer interns, it was time to film.

Video Production services Video production was going to remain generally simple for the actual film. The commercial was going to be a minute long with clean cuts throughout the whole video. This was the key to making such a simple but professional looking film. All the shots needed to be filmed in the best fashion so that the voiceover could accurately represent what was happening on screen. The iconic commercials that I’m sure so many of us are familiar with have been etched in our minds because of the comedic value. This was part of the production process that we focused on intently while representing SVG as a Boston video production company.

When we started on the video production day, the crew that we decided to use looked over the shot list to see the general idea of what we wanted to attain for this video. Once the camera started rolling, it took several try’s to figure out what movements and framing would work best and look the most professional. This took up a lot of time but it was necessary for making sure that the end product would have the clean and polished look that it deserved to exemplify what Skillman Video Group is all about. By working with such a talented video marketing company, my intern experience helped exemplify how a production day should run and how to properly get the shots needed for post- production.

Boston video productionAll in all, the marketing video turned out to be a success. The video shots filmed were exactly what I needed for editing in post-production and it turned out being a fantastically easy process. This was all thanks to the amazing preproduction work done which included all the planning and time management organized prior to filming. SVG provides video production services that can be tailored to any companies needs with such amazing professionalism and creativity.

How To Improve Audio Recordings

It is a challenge for many Boston video production sets to make sure the audio is set to the right levels and that the back ground noise isn’t picked up. This is a difficult thing for many technical production crews and producers to eliminate because let’s face it, unwanted noise can happen in even the smallest amounts. There are a few ways to help eliminate this undesirable noise while filming on a production set and as a Boston video company, Skillman Video Group is here to help with some tips.

  • Mount the Microphone

Figuring out the best way to configure a microphone to eliminate the background noise on a production shoot isn’t simple. One way to get rid of the vibration sound is to mount a microphone on a stand. By holding a microphone in ones hand, there is a possibility of picking up movement from the fingertips during a recording.

  • Pop Shield

    Pop Screen

Certain sounds are known to release a burst of air while being recorded during a video production. This can be extremely difficult to remove in post-production, but while on set there is a way to eliminate any excess noise. By using a pop shield that covers the microphone, unwanted sound can diminish. The pop shield is just a circular frame with a fine sheer material stretched across it, which eliminates the excess popping noise.

Pop ShieldCertain sounds are known to release a burst of air while being recorded during a shoot. This can be extremely difficult to remove in post-production but while on set there is a way to eliminate any excess noise. By using a pop shield that covers the microphone, unwanted sound can diminish. The pop shield is just a circular frame with a fine sheer material stretched across it, which eliminates the excess popping noise.

  • Room Environment

Room tone or room environment can be a huge contributor to and source of background noise. Recording environment needs to be quiet meaning any fans, electronics, and people are silent during production. Sometimes a video marketing company can be hired for a project that does not require sound to be recorded; in these cases the audio levels do not need to be monitored and the producer can focus on the shots needed. On the video production sites where sounds does matter, the producer and director have to pay close attention to the sound that is being emitted on set. Many editing programs have ways to manipulate the external noise in a room but it all comes down to what the raw footage captured.

Audio engineer w/ boom pole

Ken, boom mic operator

Audio is a difficult part of production because sometimes a set cannot control every aspect of the sound. It is the job of the producer and the director to problem solve and work to the best of their ability to obtain the shots and audio desired for a client. Through the use of these specific tips along with many other sources, audio can be controlled and mastered in most situations. The key is to come prepared and have all the equipment at the set just incase it is needed as part of the video production services.

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SVG NITCO Production Equipment

There were a few very interesting factors that contributed to the video marketing company Skillman Video Group’s most recent Boston video production shoot. The equipment used during the time spent filming at NITCO tailored nicely to the specific type of video production site. Three factors came into play as SVG was shooting that enabled the video production day to run much more efficiently.

Steady Camera Suit

Steady Camera Suit

Steady Camera Suit

Being a production company in Boston, Skillman Video Group can receive a wide range of clients that require certain equipment to be filmed at the optimum value. A steady camera suit was used specifically at this video production site, which permitted a quick and “steady” film process. A back brace and waistbands were used to support the weight of the camera, which allowed for our Boston videographer to move swiftly around the warehouse capturing all the moving parts in the shot. This was a great piece of equipment to have as part of our video production services because the quality of the shots recorded were professional and swift for a one minute and 30 second requested video. Using the steady camera suit gave the videographer just the right amount of mobility while still capturing expert shots.

External Mobil Monitor

External Monitor

External Monitor

On this video production site, SVG decided that it would be a great idea to have an external monitor set up for the producer and the clients benefits. This external monitor was streaming live feed via Bluetooth from the camera being used. The advantages of this during the production were fantastic because it enabled the clients to have a better view of the shots the camera man was getting and allowed the producer to see a better idea of what we would be working with in the editing room. This external monitor was a fantastic addition to the production set and created a cohesive environment between the camera and the audience during this Boston video production.

No Lighting Needed

Steady Camera Suit

NITCO Production

Since the warehouse Skillman Video Group was filming in was nicely lighted, there was no need to have external lighting supporting the shots being filmed. This was an advantage for our Boston videographer and producer because we were able to move quickly around the site and obtain the shots needed for the client. Without this external equipment and an effective mobile camera suit, our video production services were optimized fully. This production was technically very effective with NITCO and worked to SVG’s advantage.

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Video production

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, offers marketers a highly effective and measurable way to connect with customers through various search engines like Google, AdWords, MSN, and Yahoo. When done correctly and with a high quality mindset, SEO doesn’t just increase your search ranking but also improves the website from the visitors perspective. As a video marketing company, Skillman Video Group has taken a look into what boosts SEO and action oriented posts.

Create amazing content

Content in the long term will benefit the websites visitor percentages. If the website is informative, well written, unique, and constantly being updated then the number of people reading and sharing will increase. Sticking to a specific topic is also beneficial. Many sites will have broad categories to talk about but if there is a generalized subject matter like “Boston video production company”, then you will have more success. Researching keywords for the specific genre of work the business is in will help tailor the content properly and increase reliability for the specific circle of readers that visit the site.

Images and Links

Relevant images on your website or blog can boost SEO opportunities. It is important to create HTML description tags for every image that is uploaded on the website so that it relates to the content and will increase relevance to the overall search engine optimization. Another benefit for boosting the SEO for a website is linking within the content. Create a link structure among your own website’s pages and this will act as an on-site SEO tactic.

Social Media

By using different forms of social media, a companies website can drive more traffic from these action oriented post. Businesses still struggle to generate leads with social media yet it is the best way to interact with the public. SVG provides YouTube Video Marketingvideo production services that can help elevate the social media aspect of any business. Different social media platforms are great for conversation starters and really keeps people in the mindset of everyday consumers. The key is to make sure that the post’s on social media sites are driving people to the website and the best way to do this is by linking to the blog and using action oriented keywords in the posts.

Focusing of creating a strong SEO and generating other opportunities for people to be enticed to your website is the key to creating a high trafficked content place. These are effective methods for increasing viewers to your businesses website to be the most successful as you can. Have a plan and drive people to see what your company is all about.

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Part of Google’s New Algorithm is an AI

Google Algorithm UpdateBack in 2013, Google did something that was pretty convenient for anyone who’s involved with video marketing or blogging about video marketing. The company named its search algorithm! Finally, we had a convenient phrase to refer to the mysterious code that determined our success or lack thereof online. Google named this algorithm Hummingbird.

Hummingbird is made of various parts, and one of these parts is an artificial intelligence known as “Rank Brain.” While Rank Brain may sound like something straight out of the laboratories of SkyNet, it’s actually a tool that allows Google to quickly process search results.

One interesting thing about Rank Brain, is that it learns over time. In this context, learning translates to finding relevant search results for specific keyword searches.

This information was first reported via Bloomberg last Fall, and along with the existence of Rank Brain, Bloomberg reported on the importance of this AI to Hummingbird. Here’s a direct quote from the Bloomberg piece:

“RankBrain is one of the “hundreds” of signals that go into an algorithm that determines what results appear on a Google search page and where they are ranked, Corrado said. In the few months it has been deployed, RankBrain has become the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query, he said.”

Without getting too off topic, signals are different elements of a web page that Google uses to rank search results. So RankBrain helps sort through information, which is neat! As a machine learning tool, RankBrain is primarily going to be used to pair results to searches that may not include specific keywords.

For example, say you’re looking for a Boston video production company and you search for “hire a professional video company in Boston.” RankBrain will sort through your search to show results for “professional video company.” Hopefully, RankBrain will send you over to Skillman Video Group, Boston’s premier video production company for corporate videos.

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