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Protecting Equipment from The Environment

Before starting your next Boston video production shoot, there are several potential obstacles to keep in mind that are all related to the environment. Be it water, wind, or heat, Skillman Video Group has a few tips for protecting your equipment from environmental hazards.


You have to be ready for wind any time you record audio outside of a controlled environment.

Professional Video Production Corporation

A controlled environment.

This point isn’t really about potential damage to equipment but more so about the quality of your video production projects. An audience can generally tune out white noise, but all the nuances in wind patterns can be easily noticeable and often times distracting when it takes over an audio recording. As much as possible, do your best to minimize the gain levels of a recording device, especially in a windy area. For these scenarios, it is best to attach a wind sock, fuzzy, etc., to filter out the wind.


Rain is always a hazard when carrying electronic equipment, but mist is definitely more applicable when a video production company is working at a harbor or in a beach area. Harbor Video ProductionThe danger of mist is that the water comes horizontally, so it is much harder to prevent mist water from getting into equipment compartments than rainwater. Also note that the caution against water also applies to lights. When it comes to professional-grade lights on a set (tungsten, LED, etc.), water collecting on a bulb can cause it to fizzle out, pop, and possibly spark a fire. In many cases, it will be necessary to find a pocket of cover under a building or an outside tent area if it is completely impossible to avoid the water.


For Boston especially, think about snow in the winter and how ice can be dangerous to both the equipment and crew members. During winter, be sure that all crew members are properly equipped with gloves and winter boots with good traction. The last thing you want is a camera operator to slip and tumble with an expensive camera in tow. Keep in mind that snow will melt the second it touches your equipment, so it may be ill-advised to film something during a snow flurry or blizzard.


When possible, always store video production equipment in covered areas with plenty of shade. If an electronic device is left out in the sun for too long, it may malfunction when you need it most due to overheating. There are increasingly more options available for insulated equipment bags, satchels, etc. If you are doing live event videography and are unable to take breaks in the shade, you can carry around an umbrella or similar cover to block direct sunlight.

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Video Cameras for Beginners and Experts

Thanks to sites like Vimeo and YouTube, it is now easier than ever before to push your content out to the world through video marketing. At the same time, there are so many new camera models and brands being unveiled on a monthly basis. Admittedly, it can be hard to keep up, so for both beginners and experts alike, here are some recommendations to get you started with solid equipment for video production.


For beginners, there is nothing wrong with a Boston video production company using a DSLR. A DSLR camera stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, which has to do with its digital light sensor. Their recent popularity surge in recent years is due to their accessibility, affordability, and versatility. You can use the camera to teach yourself basic photography skills like composition and lighting. DSLR offer great sensor sizes for their price range, which is why they are so popular among beginners and really even professionals. They come with interchangeable lenses for easy switching and flexibility, but if you want to save some time you can just find one with a variable lens. When you are ready, DSLR cameras can easily switch to recording videos.

Our recommendations:

Canon EOS 650D

Canon EOS 650D

Canon EOS series: The Rebel EOS series in particular is affordable and entirely capable of providing great photos and videos. These cameras are also very popular among YouTube marketing pros.

-Nikon D-series: If you’re willing to drop a bit more cash for your DSLR, than the Nikon D series (ex: D500) is a great starting point. These cameras have considerably large sensors for their compact frames, and offer incredible processing speed.


As for the expert-level camera operators, high-end equipment starts to give you more flexibility across all lighting levels. This is because more advanced cameras tend to have much larger sensors, allowing them to capture better-quality photos in low-level lighting scenarios. The larger sensors and reconfigured optical mirrors give the camera user more control over how blurry a background is and how sharply focused a subject will be. Be aware that these higher-end cameras will often come in fixed-lens packages, rather than variable lens. If you would like a camera with variable lens (allowing you to zoom), you will need to be ready to expand your budget.

Our recommendations:

CEO video

High-end camera on SVG set

-Black Magic URSA 4.6k EF digital film camera: Black magic has become one of the hottest companies in film and photo capture recently thanks to their outstanding equipment. With this awesome piece of hardware, you’ll be able to work with a superb image sensor and a global shutter, giving you lots of wiggle room to use a variety of camera lenses regardless of brand. (over 7,000)

-For a much cheaper price range (just around 2000) you can check out the Canon XC10 Camcorder. It is entirely capable of 4K video with multiple bit rates for compression, allowing users to work with high-speed playback.

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Lighting Pro-Tips

Lighting can be the deciding factor as to whether or not your actors feel dissatisfied with their facial shadows or if a theme resonates with the audience. Although subtle, when lighting is used effectively, it can make all the difference. Here are 5 aspects of lighting that any Boston video marketing or video production company should keep in mind:

1. Quality

The quality of a light refers to its emitting nature. Is it a harsh light, causing hard shadows (ex: floodlight), or is it soft, giving a nice aura to your subject (ex: china ball)? The quality of a light can be indicative of mood. Think about how a harsh flashlight is used when someone tells a scary story.

China Ball

China Ball/ Paper Lantern2. Color-

2. Color

There is a technical and an artistic aspect to the color of a light. In the technical sense, color temperature is essential to properly white balancing a camera. However, as an artistic choice, color completely alters a video’s style and feeling.

3. Brightness

Brightness is most easily controlled with a china ball configuration, because the bulb usually comes attached with a dimmer mechanism that changes the levels. Choose the right level of brightness for your scene to give a warm or icy mood.

4. Position

Position is more so applicable on sets that involve multiple lighting sources. When this is the case, consider that the standard Boston video production set has a fill light, a backlight, and a key light, all of which serve different purposes. Furthermore, the position of a light can make all the difference in maintaining the illusion of reality. For example, if a fake window seems to be changing positions each cut because someone keeps moving the artificial light source, the audience will be disconnected from the reality of the video.

5. Distance

Distance falls into a similar vein as position and brightness. Always try to think of the distance that would make the most since for a given source of light and for the mood you want to convey.

Production Shoot Lighting

Skillman Video Group lighting for Cable TV Pioneers Banquet

We here at SVG use these lighting tips for both inside and outside video marketing or video production shoots, and we will continue to do so to remain a top tier Boston video production company.

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Video production

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, offers marketers a highly effective and measurable way to connect with customers through various search engines like Google, AdWords, MSN, and Yahoo. When done correctly and with a high quality mindset, SEO doesn’t just increase your search ranking but also improves the website from the visitors perspective. As a video marketing company, Skillman Video Group has taken a look into what boosts SEO and action oriented posts.

Create amazing content

Content in the long term will benefit the websites visitor percentages. If the website is informative, well written, unique, and constantly being updated then the number of people reading and sharing will increase. Sticking to a specific topic is also beneficial. Many sites will have broad categories to talk about but if there is a generalized subject matter like “Boston video production company”, then you will have more success. Researching keywords for the specific genre of work the business is in will help tailor the content properly and increase reliability for the specific circle of readers that visit the site.

Images and Links

Relevant images on your website or blog can boost SEO opportunities. It is important to create HTML description tags for every image that is uploaded on the website so that it relates to the content and will increase relevance to the overall search engine optimization. Another benefit for boosting the SEO for a website is linking within the content. Create a link structure among your own website’s pages and this will act as an on-site SEO tactic.

Social Media

By using different forms of social media, a companies website can drive more traffic from these action oriented post. Businesses still struggle to generate leads with social media yet it is the best way to interact with the public. SVG provides YouTube Video Marketingvideo production services that can help elevate the social media aspect of any business. Different social media platforms are great for conversation starters and really keeps people in the mindset of everyday consumers. The key is to make sure that the post’s on social media sites are driving people to the website and the best way to do this is by linking to the blog and using action oriented keywords in the posts.

Focusing of creating a strong SEO and generating other opportunities for people to be enticed to your website is the key to creating a high trafficked content place. These are effective methods for increasing viewers to your businesses website to be the most successful as you can. Have a plan and drive people to see what your company is all about.

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Video Marketing Company For Start-Ups

Many businesses venture concepts are starting to surface these days with owners who are eager to let the world know what they do. A company can do well on their own if they choose to, but the world of video production can open the door to so many more customers. Through our video production company in Boston, Skillman Video Group has helped to market some of the cities most unique businesses so their presence in the world would be greater than ever imagined.

We recently worked with a local start up company where the owner desired a marketing video to talk about what his business does and how it is helping people. There were a few observations that we made and decided to lay out some questions that any startup should focus on when making a Boston marketing video.

What To Focus On

Some new business owners don’t know exactly what they want for their video production. Focus on how much the budget is and see what can be done with that resource. Sometimes paying a little bit more for a proper video production team will over all be beneficial to the end proAvid_Digidesign_ICON_D-Command_Faders_(B&W)_-_Control_Room_B,_In_Your_Ear_Studiosduct. Think about location opportunities and where this video will be filmed. SVG is a video marketing company that has plenty of experience with startups who might need some assistance in decision-making. For the benefit of the video production shoot, discussing how tight the deadline needs to be and working out how many people should be on set are all factors that have to be brought up. Having minimal crew members can be difficult, for example making the producer also direct on set. It all comes down to what the client wants and what we can do to help.

It’s About YouVideo production

A startup company wants to put their best foot forward. Using our Boston video production services at Skillman Video Group, we are dedicated to making sure any business is ready to make their mark through the video marketing world. We are flexible to meet out clients need ready to convey their personal story.

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Audio Pro-Tips for Boston Video Production

Thanks to the new drive of video production companies to acquire premium 4K cameras, it’s easy to focus solely on achieving the best visuals for a client. However, it’s important for both Boston video production and video marketing companies to treat audio as a top-tier priority. Audio can be just as (if not more) important than the video half, so here are 3 pro-tips from our Skillman Video Group specialists to ensure you record the best audio possible.

1) Minimize Gain

Aim for recording the 10-16 decibel range with the audio gain at the lowest level possible. To accomplish this volume range with low gain, the assigned audio person must have the microphone device as close to the subject as possible without entering the frame of the camera.

Audio engineer w/ boom pole

Ken, SVG boom mic operator

This is why old movies sometimes have boom mics fall into frame, because the boom operator is fighting to have the mic as close to the actors as possible. If Hollywood is the golden standard, there is no reason your Boston video production company shouldn’t be following a tried and true practice.

2) Bring the Appropriate Microphone

There is a time and place for various kinds of microphones. If a client shoot entails a controlled environment, hyper-cardioid mics (focused direction) or “shotgun mics” can suffice. If an interview is being taped, LAV mics may be more appropriate. However, when shooting live event videography, the client may want to capture the ambient sounds of an event, in which case an omni-directional microphone (one that captures sound from all directions) would be ideal.

Shotgun microphone

Shotgun mic

3) Plan for Recording Positions

Especially for high-end mics, it is important for the boom operator to remain as stable as possible. Recording devices can easily pick up sudden bounces from a boom pole or whips to a different direction. If the source of the sound (ex: person) has to move while audio is being recorded, consider strapping on a rig device to the boom operator’s waist so that maximum stabilization is ensured.

Regardless of your video production field, audio is a vital compliment to video. Use them both in conjunction, and your videos will be much more effective.

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