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Video Production Services: Creating the Perfect Video Pitch

How-To Create The Perfect Video

Like any presentation or project, you want to prepare it to be the best. Creating a video concept involves a few steps. Once you have the perfect concept, the Video Production Services will help you turn it into a motion visual , but it all starts with the idea. You want it to speak to your target market. We have seen and created many video pitches. Whether you are brainstorming for your small town business or corporate video ideas, you will have to go through the same steps of preparation. You always want to start thinking of the ‘end goal’, which should be to sell without selling. Check out these steps to creating a great Marketing Video Pitch!

How-To Create a Marketing Pitch

Step One:

set up video production blog construction Ask yourself these questions…

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your message?
  • What is your budget?
  • What resources do you have?
  • What is your time frame?

It is important to figure out what constraints you have before you begin planning your video.Your constraints will be based off of how you answered the questions. You may not have certain equipment, the ability to use animations, or even costs that act as your constraints. If you know everything you have and don’t have, you will be able to easily determine what you can and can’t do. If you don’t have the ability to create animations, that should not be a key element of your video. You create based on what you have, so your Marketing Video Production Services has to work around your constraints.

Step Two:

Develop an idea based on what you know you have and can do. Your idea needs to have a purpose to get your message across. Take the message you decided on, and find a way to tell it as a story. Use your creativity to develop a fun way to speak to your audience through Video. Whether you decide to create an interview, documentary, or a commercial to market your company, be clear and concise about your idea, and use it as a base for the next steps.

Step Three:

Script it. Take your idea and run with it. Create a script that works for your idea, and stays with your message. Answer all the questions that you hope the video answers, and make sure it flows. You want the script to sounds fluid with your message and concept. The script won’t just decide what is said in the video, but where it might take place and how they might act. The script is important, because it will decide the tone of the video as a whole. Sometimes you won’t even have a script. If you are creating an interview, this step would be dedicated to creating questions that you might want to ask. By the end of this step you will know exactly what your video will be like, and have your message down. 

Step Four:

If all goes well on the first three steps, and you have come up with the perfect idea, it is time to start planning the production. This is the stage where Video Production Services plays a big part in helping you create your final product. From scheduling the shoot date, to editing the final product, this idea of yours will be brought to life through the camera. Go back to all those questions you originally asked yourself, and make sure everything is what your company needs. You know your audience, and the marketing video should speak to them.

This project will be the next part of your company’s Video Production Marketing Strategy, you want it to fit perfectly. Make sure to spend time creating your idea, and developing it into a real vision of work. Follow these steps, and get to work. It’s never too early to start brainstorming, so get creative and develop something awesome. Just remember; the key to making a great marketing video is to sell without selling!

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My Brand Video Shoot at SVG

As a Film and Television major at Boston University, most of my assignments include video planning, production, and editing. However, producing a video for SVG is different because I must always keep in mind that I am speaking on behalf of SVG’s brand, and not my own vision. When I saw the work that previous interns had done, I was struck by how they were able to combine wit, humor, and professionalism. In the weeks leading up to shooting, I was struggling to figure out how I could also incorporate these elements, until I decided to take a more personal route.

The discovery process for this project consisted of a Q&A discussion about SVG’s history and brand identity. While I have been on a few shoots, and have witnessed the discovery process firsthand, doing it myself asserts its importance, and how much efficiently a project can be completed when there is a pre-existing communication between the subject and the producer. The answers from the interview are going to be a voiceover over various shots of the city, in order to emphasize SVG as a company centralized in Boston. On the actual day of shooting, which was last Friday, I gathered about half of the B-Roll that I plan to accumulate, so that it can be playing simultaneously with the voiceover. While the voiceover provides the information, the B-Roll presents nice visuals which make SVG’s message real and tangible. This brand video is a good example of how video is used to tell a story, and how it can convey a message that attracts a wider audience, one that people are able to relate to.

By optimizing the video, I can finally grasp the importance of SEO and social media marketing.  Disseminating the video through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, it has a high chance of reaching our primary audiences, as well as potential clients who are drawn to SVG’s history and overarching message – which is explicitly stated in the video.


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Boston Video Production Company: Editing for the Web

Putting together an engaging, digestible video for the web starts with great content, but a tight edit is really key in the end product, and without it, the content will have been for nothing.  A tight edit will set your video apart and can truly make or break it.  You can only grab hold of your audience’s attention for so long, and a good edit is a surefire way to maintain focus and online views.

From Concept to Content

First, you had a great idea for an online video, and then you end up with some great content.  You have now reached what may be the most crucial aspect of the production: editing.  Good editing serves two purposes: it pares your footage down to the essentials, and it creates an engaging narrative through images.  Ideally, for a video that will get your point across while also retaining brevity, the length will be no more than 3 minutes.  Any longer and you run the risk of losing your audience’s attention, and the focus of the video is more likely to suffer.

The Final Cut

After you’ve edited down your content and made sure that your narrative is finalized, the last step is the graphics. For this we take the edited video into After Effects, where we can add in your logo and animate it to create a striking title, in addition to other things like names, subtitles, transitions, and whatever else the video needs to stitch everything together. Good, polished graphics really give the final product that professional yet visually stimulating edge you need to ensure that people not only view your content but enjoy it and are motivated to go searching for more information.

Final CutEditing will only optimize your content for the web.  In this day and age, people want their videos short and sweet, razor-sharp and focused.  At Skillman Video Group, LLC, we take the production from concept to content to a final product that is easily digestible and engaging enough for today’s modern audience.  We can take video content and cut it down to its essence, finding your business’s story along the way.

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Boston Video Production Company – Marketing Video for Government Agency


“Center Stage” is a program funded by the US Department of state and run by the Boston based New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA).  The program is the first of its kind as far as bringing artists from around the globe to the United States vs sending American artists and performers abroad.  NEFA is not just responsible for organizing the program but for raising private funding to help cover expenses and even expand the programs reach.  As such they needed a marketing video that not only help raise awareness for the performances, but to reach out to potential private donors and presenters.

The staff interviews were shot on location at NEFA’s offices over looking Boston Commons and the State House (seen in the background).  In order to get that shot, SVG’s gaffers and lighting specialists had to use a special “Neutral Density” gel over the windows and bring in very strong  production lighting to counteract the strength of the sun.  Editing the video was challenging because there were hours of archived performance footage and hundreds of photos to log and edit into a 5-minute video.  The Boston video producers at SVG worked collaboratively with the staff at NEFA to select the best of the best of performance clips and artist interviews.

Between SVG’s knowledge of video production and NEFA’s incredible in-depth knowledge of the arts and the artists involved, we were able to craft the video that you see above.  US Governmental agencies need professional marketing videos as much as any non for profit organization or for profit business.  For something as powerful as the performing arts, video is by far the best medium for capturing the breathe and depth of its beauty, power and grace.

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Boston Video Production Company | Non-Profit Marketing Videos

Skillman Video Group specializes in corporate video production and using the visual medium to market products and services.  Non-profit organizations often need to market their services as much as any for-profit business or corporation, and are often way too understaffed to produce their own content internally.    In this case the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge MA wanted to promote one of their groups within their organization (which they call “Circles”) revolving around the fast-growing NFC technology.  The Boston video producers at SVG were able to work with the non-profit  to help craft their story by developing a script of key points before the shoot.  This allowed the crew to show up at the event prepared with the right questions, as well as a solid idea of what type of “B-roll” we needed to obtain.  B-roll is very important in any marketing video because it helps bring the narrative to life.  Now the viewer can not just hear what the subject is saying, but link their words with appropriate pictures and people.   The 1st step at the shoot was to get the interviews locked down.  This was tricky because we couldn’t even get into the class room (at MIT) until 15-minutes before we were supposed to start.  The expert videographers and crew at SVG were able to set up in less than 30-minutes!  After we were sure we had all the questions answered correctly, SVG had one videographer shooting b-roll using a Canon 7D and the other shooting some of the presentations using a Sony NXCam.  We often find that having 2-shooters at a live event help us to capture the best and the most footage to be used later in editing.  SVG editors were later able to 1st edit together the best takes of all the interviews and submit to the client for their edits/revisions.  Once we had the basic content nailed down, our editors and video producers then made the video beautiful by adding graphics, music, b-roll and transitions.

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The Power of Client Testimonials – Boston Video Production Company

TPC hired Skillman Video Group, a video production company located in Boston (Faneuil Hall), to produce a client testimonial video for use at Trade Shows and for their online marketing efforts. In this case SVG traveled to Connecticut to interview the business owner and shoot b-roll of his warehouse and kitchen supply retail store.  This video shoot was a lot of fun because not only was the talent easy to work with, but the professional lighters and videographers of SVG had a great time shooting the various equipment from the largest dough mixers you have ever seen to ovens, microwaves, and popcorn machines.  The 2nd half of the project required SVG’s editors to whittle the 30-minute interview down to a 1-minute concise story.  Once we received the “Ok”  from the client, we added the “b-roll” of the equipment, music and graphics.  Client testimonial videos are a great way for businesses to showcase their products and services to potential clients and customers.  Client testimonials are effective because it is usually a peer speaking to their peers….whether it be fellow business owners, or consumers looking for your product or service.

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Boston Video Production Company Produces Animation Video for Start up Company

A local start-up real estate company in Boston, MA hired Skillman Video Group, a Boston Video Production Company, to produce a marketing video for their email and social media marketing campaign. In order to best demonstrate their unique program, SVG producers used a combination of video AND animation to visually tell their story.  Animation can be very complicated to produce as there are 30 frames PER SECOND of video….and each frame needs to be illustrated, key framed, and animated.  SVG’s Boston video producers were able to perfectly blend together live action video with animated video to help tell the company’s story.

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Boston Video Production Company Produces PR Video

Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company that produces corporate marketing, training, product, promotional and educational videos for large and small clients alike.  In February 2013, SVG was hired to produce a public relations video for a local Massachusetts municipality.  The city was trying to highlight the many advantages and resources available to prospective researchers and businesses around the Boston area.  Skillman Video Group has the video production and video marketing skills to shoot and edit efficiently, quickly and professionally.  SVG crews shot the video is less than 4 hours and edited the entire video within two weeks.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston video production company.

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SVG produces its own marketing video!

What can SVG do for you?  We produced this clever marketing video for our web site relaunch in September 2013.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston video production company, that also does a lot of work with SEO, Social Media Marketing, web design and development as well as branding. You will notice this video was shot all in one take.  We shot this video using a RED camera which is the most sophisticated HD video camera on the market today.  The video was shot back in July and edited over the summer.  It features various members of the Skillman Video Group team.

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SVG does live action video with animation!

When TPC needed online marketing content to explain their complicated and nuanced finance and leasing programs, they hired Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production company.   SVG’s creative team collaborated with the marketing team at TPC to develop the concept for the videos (three in all), write the scripts, story board the animations, hire the actor, shoot all three videos on the same day and later edit and animate the graphics in post.  It took many months of work and collaboration but we find the process of working creatively with our clients helps perfect the end product.

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