Editing a Brand Video for SVG

How To Edit Videos

The most important aspect of post production is effectively and accurately communicating the narrative. This can be done through the shot progression, and the composition of voice over and any other dialogue. When editing a corporate video, it is imperative to keep in mind that the representation of the company is the first priority, and portraying them in a professional light needs to be depicted through the editing process. While gathering enough footage and dialogue is necessary, the way that it is subsequently organized is ultimately what makes the finished product an overall success.

Top Video Editing tips

For my particular corporate shoot, I had enough B-Roll and voiceover footage to make a video that depicted SVG’s brand in a personal light. I edited on Premiere Pro CC, making sure to back up any drafts of the project in more than one location (i.e. my hard drive and on another computer). There is one track for the visual component, and three tracks of sound, one for the music, one for the voice-over, and one for the room tone – which establishes a consistent background of sound to the dialogue. With the interview I had done, I was able to get plenty of information about SVG’s origin story, the next step was to edit the words into a coherent description. For this, the greatest challenge was knowing when to change the subject, and making the words flow naturally. Ultimately, I kept in mind that telling the story superseded any other feature, allowing me to effectively reach my goal.

Video Editing Techniques

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After the initial sequence was composed, there were a number of final measures I needed to take in order to finish. In post, the details are what make or break the video, which makes paying attention to them essential. This included raising the dialogue’s volume, making sure the music was at an appropriate volume, color correcting the shots that may have been overexposed or dimly lit on the day of shooting, and adding SVG’s logo to the end. Video production, regardless of the content’s length or subject, is difficult. However, when the finished product meets the expectations, the process (and every obstacle met along the way) is worth it.

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