Intern Video: Post-Production

The Skillman Video Group interns, Jason and Chloe, were entirely responsible for their collaborative video projects from inception to execution, so a large portion of their work was dedicated to post-production efforts. Besides writing the original scripts, post-production actually took up the most time because of the various specialties required. Chloe and Jason split up the work based on their strengths, and the Boston video production work could be divided into three categories:


Chloe took the initiative by laying out the groundwork for the first few cuts of both videos. Any Boston video production company should expect to have multiple drafts of a video from various editing ideas. This required a lot of organization to match audio files to video files because we used separate equipment to record the two types of files. She also integrated text graphics that added an extra layer of humor not originally anticipated in the first draft. After the first rough cut had been stitched together, she and Jason worked closely to fine tune the edits, constantly working off of feedback from Christina. When working with a client, a Boston video company needs to be responsive to feedback from a client. Entire scenes were left on the cutting floor, dialogue was moved around to where it fit better, and cuts were timed to the most precise frame to keep a comedic rhythm going.

Color Correction

Once the videos started to approach their final versions, Jason took charge for color correction, an area of post-production he has had more experience with via Avid and Premiere. A lot of the raw footage had an ugly green tint or harsh yellow because of the low lighting that was available for some of the shooting angles. Jason was responsible for giving the illusion of a different color temperature for each scene, either being warmer or cooler, depending on the initial problem.

Sound Mixing

This task was evenly split between the interns, as Chloe helped Jason record the voiceover audio for the Dos Equis video and keep the levels consistent. Jason went back into the Office parody video to balance out the sound levels across various scenes, because some of the audio gain was stronger in some scenes over others. In particular, the interview scenes tended to be louder than regular multi-person scenes.

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