Boston video production

What to Keep in Mind During a Shoot

When Boston video production services are mentioned, the type of video production equipment is usually the first thing that comes to mind. While this is certainly important, there are many other aspects of a Boston video production shoot that deserve their fair amount of attention.

Direction of Light

While this is obviously important for outside production shoots, this can also affect a Boston video company that is used to working inside shoots. Window glares and reflections can completely shift throughout the course of a day, so keep this in mind when planning for both an exterior and an interior production. For exterior shoots, this issue will dramatically affect shadows, so adjust accordingly.

Change in Background Noise

If there is a parade off in the distance, keep in mind that the absence of the parade noise will be very noticeable. Either find a way to reduce the noise gradually, or to just take it out all together. Background noise is fine, but it needs to stay consistent. This is why a Boston video production company can shoot by Fenway Park, because the crowd noise of the stadium is continuous and can be tuned out by a viewer.

Talent Comfort

Are the actors tired? Do they keep getting frazzled on the wordplay of a specific line? Maybe it’s time for a break and some fresh air. For exterior and long shoots, provide water and lunch when for both the talent and the crew. Always make sure your actors feel relaxed are able to focus. Also be sure to establish comfort levels from the start, especially for a scene involving extreme violence or nudity.

Change in Weather

Rain is the most troublesome type of weather, but also keep in mind that an area will be very humid after rain pours down. This can affect everything from the comfort of actors to a camera lens. This also includes the direction of wind. If a breeze suddenly starts from the ocean, you may need to adjust the direction your equipment is facing, more so for sound purposes rather than for aesthetics. If you shoot in the direction that the wind is coming from, the wind may end up cancelling out the voices of actors, so avoid this scenario when possible.

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