Lighting Pro-Tips

Lighting can be the deciding factor as to whether or not your actors feel dissatisfied with their facial shadows or if a theme resonates with the audience. Although subtle, when lighting is used effectively, it can make all the difference. Here are 5 aspects of lighting that any Boston video marketing or video production company should keep in mind:

1. Quality

The quality of a light refers to its emitting nature. Is it a harsh light, causing hard shadows (ex: floodlight), or is it soft, giving a nice aura to your subject (ex: china ball)? The quality of a light can be indicative of mood. Think about how a harsh flashlight is used when someone tells a scary story.

China Ball

China Ball/ Paper Lantern2. Color-

2. Color

There is a technical and an artistic aspect to the color of a light. In the technical sense, color temperature is essential to properly white balancing a camera. However, as an artistic choice, color completely alters a video’s style and feeling.

3. Brightness

Brightness is most easily controlled with a china ball configuration, because the bulb usually comes attached with a dimmer mechanism that changes the levels. Choose the right level of brightness for your scene to give a warm or icy mood.

4. Position

Position is more so applicable on sets that involve multiple lighting sources. When this is the case, consider that the standard Boston video production set has a fill light, a backlight, and a key light, all of which serve different purposes. Furthermore, the position of a light can make all the difference in maintaining the illusion of reality. For example, if a fake window seems to be changing positions each cut because someone keeps moving the artificial light source, the audience will be disconnected from the reality of the video.

5. Distance

Distance falls into a similar vein as position and brightness. Always try to think of the distance that would make the most since for a given source of light and for the mood you want to convey.

Production Shoot Lighting

Skillman Video Group lighting for Cable TV Pioneers Banquet

We here at SVG use these lighting tips for both inside and outside video marketing or video production shoots, and we will continue to do so to remain a top tier Boston video production company.

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