Audio Pro-Tips for Boston Video Production

Thanks to the new drive of video production companies to acquire premium 4K cameras, it’s easy to focus solely on achieving the best visuals for a client. However, it’s important for both Boston video production and video marketing companies to treat audio as a top-tier priority. Audio can be just as (if not more) important than the video half, so here are 3 pro-tips from our Skillman Video Group specialists to ensure you record the best audio possible.

1) Minimize Gain

Aim for recording the 10-16 decibel range with the audio gain at the lowest level possible. To accomplish this volume range with low gain, the assigned audio person must have the microphone device as close to the subject as possible without entering the frame of the camera.

Audio engineer w/ boom pole

Ken, SVG boom mic operator

This is why old movies sometimes have boom mics fall into frame, because the boom operator is fighting to have the mic as close to the actors as possible. If Hollywood is the golden standard, there is no reason your Boston video production company shouldn’t be following a tried and true practice.

2) Bring the Appropriate Microphone

There is a time and place for various kinds of microphones. If a client shoot entails a controlled environment, hyper-cardioid mics (focused direction) or “shotgun mics” can suffice. If an interview is being taped, LAV mics may be more appropriate. However, when shooting live event videography, the client may want to capture the ambient sounds of an event, in which case an omni-directional microphone (one that captures sound from all directions) would be ideal.

Shotgun microphone

Shotgun mic

3) Plan for Recording Positions

Especially for high-end mics, it is important for the boom operator to remain as stable as possible. Recording devices can easily pick up sudden bounces from a boom pole or whips to a different direction. If the source of the sound (ex: person) has to move while audio is being recorded, consider strapping on a rig device to the boom operator’s waist so that maximum stabilization is ensured.

Regardless of your video production field, audio is a vital compliment to video. Use them both in conjunction, and your videos will be much more effective.

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