Summer 2016 Video Production Gear Trends

NAB Expo Las Vegas

NAB Expo Las Vegas

With the National Association of Broadcasters Expo (NAB 2016) having just wrapped up in Las Vegas, let’s take a look at some of the hottest emerging trends in video production gear. Staying up to date on these trends will help keep your Boston video production company ahead of the competition.


Video production gear companies are now striving to come up with the best quality stabilizers with sleek and practical designs. This new craze for camera stabilizers entails everything from gimbals to dollies to tripods, just to name a few. Many companies are creating hybrid products that switch purposes in an instant, such as changing from a shoulder rig to a mono-pod with one click. New rig devices that strap on like a backpack allow for seamless movement across all three axes without the camera operator taking the brunt of the weight. To see how stabilized shots can make all the difference, check out the Boston marketing video we made for Lynch Leadership Academy at Boston College, where SVG was able to utilize a slider mechanism to its full effect, allowing for smooth, candid takes.

4K Camera Drone

4K Camera Drone

Drones- Thanks to growing prominence among YouTubers, camera drones are quickly entering the Boston video production lexicon. These machines are becoming stronger, faster, and more versatile, so don’t be surprised if you start to see them being used by a Boston video marketing company or even for corporate training video production.  At SVG we’ve used drones for client work before, so we can’t wait to get our hands on these new versions!

Single Gimbal Device

Gimbal for DSLR

Convenience- One of the most talked about items at the NAB expo was actually very small and very cheap: a pocket-sized dolly device. Working off of three wheels and bare bones button commands, the mini-dolly is ideal for mid-sized DSLR cameras. Edelkrone showed up with a tripod that is the first of its kind, allowing for rapid folding and storage without any knobs or buttons. Finally, a new company called Parachut is about to take over the equipment rental market by storm, thanks to its new subscription-based approach that has been called “The Netflix of equipment rentals.” Not only will it give the dominant companies a run for their money, but it will also allow aspiring camera operators to work with equipment that has never been available to them.

Moving into the second half of 2016, keep an eye out for these rapidly developing trends to ensure your production company stays ahead of the curve.

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