3 Basic Tips For Histogram Beginners

Many enthusiastic people starting out in photography and video production services fields jump right into a project without doing proper research on their equipment. Modern digital technology provides access to many cool features; however, some elements can be lost on a complex device. One essential feature on a camera that many do not seem to understand is the histogram.Video Production Services

The technological definition of a histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of light exposure levels in an image. In simpler terms, this chart is the key to never questioning whether an image is underexposed or overexposed.

Here are three basic tips for people looking to advance their knowledge in histograms and produce the most amazing product.

Video Production1) Each camera has different locations for the histogram chart but generally it should be under the information or display button. Make sure you locate this feature because it will become a habit to use while taking a picture or video.

2) Understanding what the chart represents is necessary to ensure good exposure on the film. The horizontal axis shows how dark or light the pixels are in the image by showing colors from black, shadows, mid tones, highlights, and white. The vertical axis shows how much of the image is found at that particular brightness level. There are 256 levels that the histogram can show from pure black to pure white.

3) Finally, never judge the thumbnail on the camera. It is hard to see the right exposure of an image just by looking on the screen. By using the histogram provided digitally through the camera, light can be represented accurately.


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In most real world situations there isn’t such a thing as “perfect” exposure. To have a well-balanced photo or video, the histogram should show that the mid tones found in the image fall half way between the two extremes of dark to light referred to as a “mountain”. Over exposure happens if the histogram shows too many white pixels and the chart shows the majority on the right side of the screen. Under exposure occurs when the image is very dark and the chart shows the majority of the pixels on the left side of the screen.


In summary, histograms are very easy to understand and are a gift from digital technology to all skill levels of photographers and video producers. The three simple tips provided above will ensure success when looking at a histogram and balanced exposure. This tool will help people on projects ranging from corporate video ideas to still nature photography. All of this can benefit and Professional videographer or Boston video production company.

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