Conceptual Approaches to Corporate Video

The Premise

Recently, my fellow intern, Damian, and I produced a short promotional video for Skillman Video Group that began with a simple premise. We quickly decided that our video was going to tell a story that could only work, and be entertaining, in video form. In order to best represent SVG’s storytelling abilities, we were given a few guidelines by SVG’S Creative Director/CEO, Christina Skillman.

The Challenge

At SVG, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the effective ways to represent a brand online. We strive to produce professional, creative content that responds to what consumers are looking for on the web. So, our guidelines came from our awareness of our audience’s expectations.

One, the video we were to produce was going to be funny. SVG had a lot of success with a humorous, online marketing video (featured below) that we produced a few years back, and simply being funny is quickly becoming an extremely popular trend in professional video marketing.

Plus, comedy is sort of, well, my thing. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year developing the sketch comedy show Pals and Friends for Boston University’s buTV10 channel.

Two, the video couldn’t be a hard-sell, but instead needed to be subtle. People tend to immediately tune out from web marketing videos that have blatant, in-your-face branding, or videos that resemble something you could see on the Home Shopping Network. If you want to make a successful corporate video, then your video needs to actually be entertaining enough to pique your audience’s interest.

The Concept

So, Damian and I spent a few brainstorming sessions thinking of what could only be shown through video. Our ideas that eventually got scrapped included: an A-Team style montage showing the faces of Skillman Video Group, a text-based adventure that relied on motion graphics, and one idea that I don’t think got developed further than one note that reads “find dog, acquire rollerskates.” But, eventually, we found a creative idea that could effectively capture the essence of corporate video production.

An important part of what we do at SVG is, at a fundamental level, help businesses find and develop their stories. We don’t focus exclusively on the the business’s story on a broad level, but also we flesh out how people fit into an organization to create a larger corporate ethos. So with that in mind, we thought of a pair of professional colleagues who had no idea what their story was.

The pair we thought of, James and Laura, were two people with a great product, which is a blender that works in reverse. But, when they pitch their product, they quickly realize that it’s the only thing that they know how to talk about. That’s the concept we landed on, and I’m very happy with the end product.  Stay tuned for the coming video!

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