Boston Video Production Company: Editing for the Web

Putting together an engaging, digestible video for the web starts with great content, but a tight edit is really key in the end product, and without it, the content will have been for nothing.  A tight edit will set your video apart and can truly make or break it.  You can only grab hold of your audience’s attention for so long, and a good edit is a surefire way to maintain focus and online views.

From Concept to Content

First, you had a great idea for an online video, and then you end up with some great content.  You have now reached what may be the most crucial aspect of the production: editing.  Good editing serves two purposes: it pares your footage down to the essentials, and it creates an engaging narrative through images.  Ideally, for a video that will get your point across while also retaining brevity, the length will be no more than 3 minutes.  Any longer and you run the risk of losing your audience’s attention, and the focus of the video is more likely to suffer.

The Final Cut

After you’ve edited down your content and made sure that your narrative is finalized, the last step is the graphics. For this we take the edited video into After Effects, where we can add in your logo and animate it to create a striking title, in addition to other things like names, subtitles, transitions, and whatever else the video needs to stitch everything together. Good, polished graphics really give the final product that professional yet visually stimulating edge you need to ensure that people not only view your content but enjoy it and are motivated to go searching for more information.

Final CutEditing will only optimize your content for the web.  In this day and age, people want their videos short and sweet, razor-sharp and focused.  At Skillman Video Group, LLC, we take the production from concept to content to a final product that is easily digestible and engaging enough for today’s modern audience.  We can take video content and cut it down to its essence, finding your business’s story along the way.

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