Boston Video Production Company: How to Increase YouTube Views


Back in October, Skillman Video Group shot a series of videos offering tips on SEO, online video marketing, and more.  The first video in our series was “How to Use Video in Email Marketing.”  We launched our second video, “How to Increase YouTube Views,” last week.

The video was shot in our office space on two Canon Rebel T2i’s, which offer a high quality image and are affordable and easy to use.  After we got the footage we needed, we began post-production, using color correction and Final Cut Pro X for editing.

Once you wrap up shooting on your video, it’s best to keep in mind that there is still plenty of work to come.  Take it from us: the post-production/editing process for our videos ended up taking longer than the actual production.  When it comes to editing, there’s a long list of things to take care of.  From matching cuts to building an order/narrative to syncing the footage and the audio, editing requires a great deal of commitment, focus, and a somewhat merciless nature.  As the saying goes, sometimes you have to “kill your darlings,” cutting footage that you may find valuable but will eventually be better for the sake of the video overall.

After all that, you have to move on to things like motion graphics, color correction, and music.  Luckily for us, we are fortunate enough to have the necessary tools, team, and expertise to take care of business ourselves.  Sometimes, it may be necessary to hire a professional team to help you accomplish your goals.

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