The Power of Client Testimonials – Boston Video Production Company

TPC hired Skillman Video Group, a video production company located in Boston (Faneuil Hall), to produce a client testimonial video for use at Trade Shows and for their online marketing efforts. In this case SVG traveled to Connecticut to interview the business owner and shoot b-roll of his warehouse and kitchen supply retail store.  This video shoot was a lot of fun because not only was the talent easy to work with, but the professional lighters and videographers of SVG had a great time shooting the various equipment from the largest dough mixers you have ever seen to ovens, microwaves, and popcorn machines.  The 2nd half of the project required SVG’s editors to whittle the 30-minute interview down to a 1-minute concise story.  Once we received the “Ok”  from the client, we added the “b-roll” of the equipment, music and graphics.  Client testimonial videos are a great way for businesses to showcase their products and services to potential clients and customers.  Client testimonials are effective because it is usually a peer speaking to their peers….whether it be fellow business owners, or consumers looking for your product or service.

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