Boston Video Production Company | Non-Profit Marketing Videos

Skillman Video Group specializes in corporate video production and using the visual medium to market products and services.  Non-profit organizations often need to market their services as much as any for-profit business or corporation, and are often way too understaffed to produce their own content internally.    In this case the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge MA wanted to promote one of their groups within their organization (which they call “Circles”) revolving around the fast-growing NFC technology.  The Boston video producers at SVG were able to work with the non-profit  to help craft their story by developing a script of key points before the shoot.  This allowed the crew to show up at the event prepared with the right questions, as well as a solid idea of what type of “B-roll” we needed to obtain.  B-roll is very important in any marketing video because it helps bring the narrative to life.  Now the viewer can not just hear what the subject is saying, but link their words with appropriate pictures and people.   The 1st step at the shoot was to get the interviews locked down.  This was tricky because we couldn’t even get into the class room (at MIT) until 15-minutes before we were supposed to start.  The expert videographers and crew at SVG were able to set up in less than 30-minutes!  After we were sure we had all the questions answered correctly, SVG had one videographer shooting b-roll using a Canon 7D and the other shooting some of the presentations using a Sony NXCam.  We often find that having 2-shooters at a live event help us to capture the best and the most footage to be used later in editing.  SVG editors were later able to 1st edit together the best takes of all the interviews and submit to the client for their edits/revisions.  Once we had the basic content nailed down, our editors and video producers then made the video beautiful by adding graphics, music, b-roll and transitions.

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