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Our Recent MIT Shoot

Live Video Shoot

On Friday, July 20, SVG spent the day at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where several students were able to discuss the acclaimed TIES program, or Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management. TIES allows students to explore commercialization and technology-based innovation, as well as the establishment of technology-based businesses (MIT). While some of the interviewees gave insight into their own dissertation processes, others expounded upon how the program paves the way for a successful career.

Video Shooting Tips

SVG Shoot

MIT Shoot Jul. 20, 2017

The shoot took place in the Sloane School of Management, which had an excellent view of Boston and the Charles River, as well as plenty of natural light. Pre-production consisted of holding phone calls with everyone who was interviewed in order for their deliveries to sound and look natural, as well as to overall improve the video. Call time was at 8, and the production crew had to work quickly in order to light the space and set up the shots. The typical lighting strategy is to light the talent from three separate sources, also known as key, back, and fill. For this shoot, the natural light came from the windows, taped over with a gel in order to diffuse the harsh sunlight. Additionally, a trio of LED lights with various diffusions were used to supplement the key and fill. For most corporate video shoots, LED lights are the most cost effective and manageable choice, especially when factoring in color temperature and light control.

Live Sound Mixing

Sound recording is one of the most important aspects when it comes to shooting. A shotgun microphone was positioned in front of the talent in order to clearly pick up their voice. Also, a lavaliere microphone was attached to their clothing – therefore providing additional sound coverage, and also allowing the crew to record room tone, or ambience.

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The shoot operated on a tight knit schedule, with each interviewee being given approximately thirty minutes to speak. The ease and comfort with which they spoke highlights the importance of the pre-production process, and how necessary it is to establish a direct line of communication. With the help of a professional videographer, a production assistant, and the director & producer being present on set, the shoot was a definite success.

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